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La impresión en 3D es toda una realidad en nuestro día a día la cual tiene muchas aplicaciones. Conoce las ventajas que te aporta esta tecnología.
impresion 3d ventajas
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Benefits of 3D Printing


14 ene Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing is a reality applicable to our every day to make our life easier and which has many applications, from jewelry , to industrial design and other applications , given the speed and accuracy that provide designs and quality of 3D printing tech .

Following are some of the benefits of 3D printing:

Speed ​​of execution. Time 3D printing over traditional development is significantly lower.

Accuracy of the parts. Software and print quality allow a high level of accuracy.

Possibility of prototyping and relatively shorter time and prices than traditional manufacturing.

Adaptability. The articles printed is easily adapted to the demand for copies.

Savings in data collection. Data collection in less time using 3D scanners.

High degree of customization. Ability to obtain particular designs of people , faces, personal items, etc.

Reverse engineering systems. Getting jewelry models or any other prototype from reverse engineering . The modeling of objects with organic geometries as human bodies, plant and animal motifs is quite complex. Modelling from scanning , either external models and models developed by ArteyArte facilitates the design of jewelry.

Do you know any other advantage of 3D printing ? Share it with us!

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