3D printing and 3D scanning services
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3D printing


3D scan service

We offer a high definition 3D scan service.


ArteyArte offers a high definition 3D scan service (definition over 0,05mm) for different types of applications:


  • Industrial design.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • 3D scan for jewellery.
  • Faces and body parts scan for photo sculpture.
  • Scanning other objects for 3D printing.

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Industrial design and 3D prototypes printing

3D printing applied to industrial design.


We develop industrial design projects according our costumers requirements and we print prototypes to approximate the design to the final product solution.

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3D Design and printing models for jewelry

3D scanning of ornamental organic motifs for jewellery design applications.


ArteyArte has the 3D design and micro SLA printing technology for jewellery prototypes in visijet material ready for production of the piece.

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Other 3D printing services

3D scan of any other object for it´s reproduction using 3D printing.


ArteyArte has the technology for prinitng other objects like architectural models, photsculpture and 3D portraits, model aircraft and memorabilia, among others.

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